Colo Auctioneers Assoc

Our very own Mike Whitfield elected President... 2nd place in Auctioneer Championship
March 1, 2023/by Darron Reid

Vehicle Repossessions On The Rise

Car loan delinquencies have been rising...
auction companies will repossess 11% more...
February 23, 2023/by Darron Reid

Barriers To Entry

"Obstacles that make it difficult for a firm to enter a given market..." How does this apply to abandoned vehicle sales?
December 8, 2022/by Darron Reid

Counting Blessings

This is the time of year when we tend to reflect on the things we are thankful for...
December 6, 2022/by Darron Reid

Locksmith -Best Friend?

Your team has a lot to do in order to dispose of abandoned vehicles...
Key Control? Locksmiths?
October 31, 2022/by Darron Reid

Trust and Credibility

Easy & Tangible Steps to Maintain TRUST
August 9, 2022/by Darron Reid

Crossing T’s & Dotting I’s

Save Time, Money & Grief...
August 9, 2022/by Darron Reid

Feeling the Supply Chain Pinch!

Junk car prices rose 55% on average across the U.S.
July 6, 2022/by Darron Reid

The ABC’s of Taking Pictures of Auction Vehicles

The vast majority of commmunication is non-verbal...
July 6, 2022/by Darron Reid

Soaring gas prices felt across different upstate industries, altering business

Soaring gas prices felt across different upstate industries,…
June 24, 2022/by Darron Reid

Metal Prices Good – Theft Bad

All over the country salvage and recycling dealers...
March 23, 2022/by peaka

Slow Down, Move Over, Save Lives!

Work related injuries and deaths of tow truck operators...
January 22, 2022/by peaka

Does that car belong to a member of the Military?

It happens. You’ve towed a vehicle into your lot and attempted to notify the owner and lienholder to have it picked up with no luck...
November 8, 2021/by peaka

Are you Acquainted with NMVTIS?

NMVTIS. DOJ. AAMVA. JSI. It's like alphabet soup...
November 7, 2021/by peaka