Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are interested in selling your vehicles on the Peak Auto Auctions website, please email [email protected].

Yes, you have the ability to set reserve prices.  We discourage setting reserve prices for all vehicles because reserve prices can reduce buyer interest and harm auction dynamics.

Of course!  Sellers have the ability to set their own minimum bids for auction cars.  Minimum bids typically range from $200 to $300.

Yes, damaged vehicles are regularly sold on the Peak auction website.  Rebuilders, dismantlers and scrap companies regularly purchase these vehicles.  Any applicable title status should be listed in the details of the vehicle.

Yes!  Motorcycles, boats, RV’s, trailers, scooters, wheels, treasure boxes are all items that are regularly sold on the Peak Auto Auction website.

Your auctions are promoted by Peak on the Internet using Google, Social Media and Sponsored Advertising.

Free!  There are no fees associated with using Peak Auto Auctions to sell your abandoned vehicles.

At least 6 photos of each vehicle should be taken to get the best results.  Reduce the number of visitors to your impound yard and eliminate phone calls by posting photos showing all sides of the vehicle and inside the vehicle.  Thoroughness in photo documentation will attract the most bidders online.

Including as much known information on the vehicle will eliminate phone calls.  Does the vehicle have a key, does it run or drive, is the vehicle missing a key piece of the drive train or motor?

If a winning bidder does not pick up a vehicle, that person/company will be black listed from the Peak Auto Auctions platform.  The vehicle will be eligible to be re-auctioned on the Peak website.

Internet auto auctions generate more revenue per vehicle than any other method of vehicle disposal.  Buyers come from all over the United States.  Selling online can draw thousands of potential buyers at your auction.

You can contact your Peak representative to remove any vehicle from a live auction before the auction closing.

You can add vehicles to a live auction up until the closing.  If you upload vehicle information and photos, you will need to contact your Peak representative to post that data to the live auction.

Once an auction closes, you will receive all the paid and unpaid invoices showing the bidders name and address.  The bidder who won the vehicle has the option to pay for the vehicle via cash or credit card.  It they chose to pay by credit card via the Peak website, the seller and buyer will receive an updated ‘Paid’ invoice via email.

Have keys made for vehicles that appear to be in good condition.  Show accurate written and photographic documentation, remove trash, wash vehicles and separate them for good pictures.

We suggest payments be made in full within 48 to 72 hours after an auction closes.  You can post terms and conditions that fits your business.

Allowing customers the opportunity to see vehicles in person will increase your auction profits.  Hosting a preview day will build relationships with buyers who may become repeat customers.  Peak suggest a preview day of the day before an auction closes.

We suggest no more than 150 vehicles per auction.

Yes!  Referring your regular auction attendees is a critical part of the process.  We will work to help transition your existing bidders to the Peak platform.

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No, Peak is open to the public.

Yes, there is a stated preview day on the auction.  Please see the auction details to determine the preview day.

In most cases the previous owner or lien holder has the right to claim the vehicle up until the point which it is sold at auction.  Usually if a vehicle is removed from an auction, this is what happened.

Vehicles sold on Peak Auto Auctions are sold AS IS, WHERE IS with no warranties, unless otherwise stated.

All vehicles are sold “as-is”, meaning that we do not guarantee the vehicles start, run or drive.  Buyers should not assume that running vehicles are road-worthy or can be operated safely in their current condition.  All vehicles should be inspected by a qualified professional before they are driven on public roads.

All states have their own process for handling titles and salvage brand titles.  Please visit the specific auction you’re interested in for more details.

You will receive a winning bidder notification immediately after the auction closes.  You will have the option to pay for the won item via credit card on the website or paying in cash to the towing company.  Please process payment within the specified pickup dates.

Yes.  By bidding on items on Peak Auto Auctions you are entering in to a legally binding contract that obligates the winning bidder to that item.  Not paying for an item will result in being blacklisted from the Peak Auto Auctions website as well as the Hibid platform.

Some vehicles are provided with keys upon pick-up.  If you win a vehicle that does not come with a key, it is your responsibility to purchase a key through a specialized locksmith or dealership.

Please submit a support ticket or email [email protected]

For some reason you cannot pick up the vehicle you won within the designated pick-up window for an auction, please contact the seller right away to see if they can accommodate you.  Please note that daily storage fees will apply.

Policies vary by auction, so please be sure to check individual seller policies ahead of time.

Please refer to the specific auction for storage fee details.

Click on Login on the Peak website, then select “Forgot your password” within that screen.  Follow the prompts to reset your password.