How do I register and bid?

Follow the link to your appropriate state to register. For example the link to Texas Auctions:  link . For Desktop browsers, click the “Login/New Bidder” link at the top.

For tablets and smartphones, select the “hamburger” button with three horizontal Hamburger Buttonlines to open the menu, and select “Login / New Bidder”

Are your auctions open to the public or for dealers only?

Unless otherwise specified, our auctions are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

When can I see the cars? Can I test drive them?

Each auction has a designated day, date, time, and location to preview.

Check the “Auction Information” tab within each auction for specifics.

Vehicles with keys can be started and moved forwards and backwards 3 feet. Only one key can be checked out from the yard manager at a time.

In Texas, keys will remain in the possession of the Vehicle Storage Facility or Auction Company at all times.

Test drives are not permitted.

Peak Auto Auctions recommends that ALL prospective bidders attend the in-person preview.

Do you charge my Credit Card to register?

A $1 authorization on your card will be placed to verify your street address. Immediately after approval, the authorization will be voided. To register for our auctions, you must use a debit or credit card issued on a United States financial institution on one of the following card networks: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. Gift Cards and Stored Value Cards are not accepted for auction registration.

Do I have to pay online?

You can pay online with your credit card, or in person with cash at the pick-up location. Typically, there is no credit card surcharge or discount for payment by cash.

How can I pay?

Generally, you may pay by Credit Card either online or in person.  Cash will be accepted in person at the pick-up location. In certain limited circumstances, Peak Auto Auctions may require payment by wire transfer. Specific payment requirements will be outlined in each auction’s terms and conditions.